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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 16, 2013

What does Integrity do in between site launches and foosball tournaments?

We create more awesome stuff! Who would have guessed?

If you’re unfamiliar with our CCO, Ed Morrissey, he may as well be a walking advertisement for Mountain Dew. He and several other Dew hounds on the Integriteam recently designed, developed and launched the Dew or Don’t iPhone app, which allows users to document if an establishment has Mountain Dew or not with the swipe of a finger. That way, we can always get our Dew fix in.

Aside from showing our devotion to the lean, mean, green caffeine, Integrity has also become home to a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. That in itself is awesome, but even more awesome is the stuff the mobile lab has made with it! From iPhone cases to swords to video game characters, we’re on our way to printing a small army.

Speaking of printing, Integrity just shipped in a batch of Creator’s Life posters. Our designer hit the nail on the head with this motivational masterpiece. It reminds us Integritians to smile, love what we do, foos and build cool shit – the poster demands it! They’re also for sale, so shoot us an email or check out our Facebook if you’re interested.

Do you love seeing what we do during the daily grind? Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and LinkedIn and follow our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Sometimes, we even have puppies.

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