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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 22, 2016

My experience as an intern here at Integrity has been nothing short of valuable. This summer, my fellow interns and I were given a real client project. We were able to take the project through the entire Integrity process, with discovery, design, development and quality assurance testing. Each step of the process allowed for the development and focus of soft skills, particularly time management, organization and attention to detail.

Integrity puts emphasis on self-management, something that many companies and individuals fail to recognize as critical to success. The internship experience has been similar to working at Integrity as a full-time employee, allowing every one of us to gain an understanding of how important it is to manage time and prioritize wisely. By setting a calendar of deadlines for deliverables, I learned the value of blocking out time to focus on individual tasks, rather than approaching a project blindly.

Throughout the intern project, I have learned the value of organization. By keeping things organized, I’ve learned that the entire process flows much more smoothly. Good organization allowed me to never have a question about what I would be doing or when I would be doing it. Organizing the project plan from the beginning created a clear roadmap, relieving the overwhelming factors that can come from a poorly planned project.

Attention to detail has been another key soft skill exercised throughout the intern project. Sometimes, the small details can get buried by the bigger picture when it comes to working on a large project. For the intern project, I was pushed to pay attention to the smaller things by participating in the entire discovery process. This step in the Integrity process taught me that paying attention to the smallest details in design and development always yields a great product.

I’ve learned far more than I could have asked for in terms of technical web development processes as well as client-facing interaction. For me, however, the most valuable thing I learned with my time as an intern has been the soft skills. Time management, organization and attention to detail are the most tangible for me as they apply to every facet of life and can be utilized for the entirety of my career future.

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