The Rise of No-Code Tools

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Jul 10, 2020

From Webflow to Bubble, no-code tools have been rapidly expanding and evolving over the last few years. Learn more about what these platforms are capable of and how they can help your business create a more seamless website build process.

Who No-Code Tools Are For

No-code tools were originally developed for designers and business owners had ideas they wanted to execute uponbut were unable to afford hiring a large development team. 

As the builders continue to advance, they have become useful for a variety of businesses and industries. This is especially true for businesses that need a marketing or eCommerce site where design and branding are important. 

For those who require more custom functionality on their site, a traditionally coded application may be more appropriate. But anyone who desires greater power and control over their site may benefit from a no-code builder.

The Benefits of No-Code Tools

Faster Setup

In these no-code web interfaces, users can build new sites or applications with the infrastructure already pre-built into the platform. This means that you don’t have to set up an editor or framework in order to create a site, and you won’t have to deal with server or database management. 

Because you don’t have to spend as much time setting up the site, you can build a site with a no-code tool much faster than with traditional technology. 

Better Interaction between Design and Development

With a no-code platform, you can get the initial website design produced within days as opposed to weeks. You can also share real “prototypes” that display site design mockups. 


Because of the fast setup, those working with the site can focus on visual design and content management. In addition, users who are responsible for adding and editing content can work within a simple-to-use editor platform that includes only the tools they need. 

For those who are web development novices, many of these no-code builders offer great training programs (like Webflow University, for instance).

Flexible and Customizable

No-code tools offer custom options for designing and building a site that’s tailored to your unique needs. 

Creating animations is often simpler with a no-code builder because the developer doesn’t have to waste as much on code. 

Because these tools are growing at a rapid rate, there’s an excellent chance that if you’re looking for design options or integrations, that someone else has already built that. This may include pulling in Excel sheets, AirTable, another CMS, and more. These tools can also enable you to create advanced animations and designs. 

No Plugins

Because no-code builders don’t require plugins, you spend less time managing the tool. It also lessens the risk of something on your site breaking as many plugins can behave unpredictably. 

Maintenance and security-related items are built into the tool itself and rather than manually making updates, the tool updates itself regularly. Every new user to no-code builders adds even more learning and knowledge of the tool that future users can gain. 


With less time spent on coding, we are able to spend more time investing in your business. 

As a technology-agnostic web development agency, Integrity is able to provide the best solution tailored for your business. Whether that’s a post-website launch ongoing content strategy, program management or Contact us today to begin. 

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