Push Start Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Jan 5, 2023

Got a new year’s resolution to level up your digital marketing strategies? Let’s think about opting-in to the concept of push notifications. Not only do they give you a direct channel to communicate and build relationships with your customers, but they also offer instant access to important updates and information related to your business. With customers spending 5 to 6 hours a day connecting to their interests digitally, push notifications are a direct line into the world of your user. The right tools and strategies in place for executing effective campaigns give push notifications the power to drive repeated purchases, re-engage users, and guide conversations to lead your business to success.

Push notifications have several advantages over other types of digital marketing strategies. Most importantly, they can be personalized to fit your users’ preferences, leading to better engagement, ultimately building trust and loyalty with your customers. When users opt-in, they provide a high degree of visibility, making your business stay top-of mind for users. Push notifications also provide valuable insight into what your customers want from you – whether it's information about upcoming events, product updates, promotions, flash sales, or anything else – so you can tailor your marketing strategy for maximum impact. By understanding customer preferences through push notifications, you can better target them with promotional content that speaks to their interests and needs. If done well, tracking user’s reactions to content will result in higher click rates & conversions while providing valuable insights into customer behavior patterns.

With push notifications, the opportunities are endless to make great connections! Some successful push notification strategies include personalizing content based on customer preferences and location, segmenting users into different categories according to their interests, utilizing analytics-based targeting techniques to more accurately target users who have already shown interest in the brand’s products or services, creating a sense of urgency by offering limited-time discounts or deals on offerings, and running A/B tests to measure impact of certain messages.

Simply put, push notifications enhance and personalize the customer journey. Marketing strategists state, “It’s not about hitting everyone with messages, every day, on all channels, all the time—that’s a one-way ticket to high opt-outs…truly engaging communications work together to build a relevant and tailored experience for customers.” As a user and human, we all want to build welcoming and awesome relationships, right?

Ready to push yourself and jump into new marketing strategies for your business? Integrity can help you reach for the stars!

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