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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Dec 20, 2017

At Integrity, we're all about communicating and collaborating in order to deliver the best possible products. We maintain a steady, reliable flow of communication not only among our internal team, but with our clients as well. After all, we consider our clients as our partners in developing groundbreaking products and want them involved every step of the way.

With a diverse team of experts working on projects ranging from custom web development and content strategy and beyond, there can be a lot to keep track of. While our project process always keeps us on course, the task of communicating is made a little easier with the help of a few of our favorite tools.

Since we've previously written about a few of our favorite content and Google tools, we decided to share a little bit about our communication tools as well. These help to keep our team members on top of every project and make it easy for our clients to get involved in the process.


This is our preferred platform for all daily internal communication, According to Slack themselves, "Slack creates alignment and shared understanding across your team, making you more productive, less stressed and just a little bit happier." That certainly rings true for the Integri-team. Not only does it allow our team to communicate instantly and streamline workflows, it can also integrate with over 1,000 apps. We use it for everything from reporting to productivity boosters to marketing and development tools. Slack keeps everyone at Integrity in touch, informed and sharing ideas and insights. As a web agency that prioritizes diverse viewpoints and team effort, Slack allows us to easily work together on innovating and developing exciting products everyday.


If you've ever worked with Integrity, you're more than likely already familiar with this tool. Our project managers love Basecamp for how easy it makes client-team communication. It allows our team to be incredibly responsive to our clients' needs. We know that in any project, things often pop up out of the blue that need addressed ASAP. Both Integrity and our clients can upload documents and files, post, schedule events, set to-do's and more. No scattered information, no digging through email chains and no unnecessary scheduling of meetings. If someone is asking where a necessary piece of information is, the answer is almost always, "it's in Basecamp."

Pivotal Tracker

Are we utilizing all team members in the best possible way? Are we being efficient in using our clients' time? Who has time to take on a client request or jump into a new project? These questions and more can all be answered with Harvest Forecast. Our goal is to build consistently amazing websites, systems and products. In order to accomplish this for every client without fail, we have to keep track of our team's time. An overbooked developer, designer or copywriter can't give their all to a project. We use Harvest not only to stay on budget for our projects and keep track of our time, but also to ensure that each client and project is getting the full attention that they deserve.


And there you have it - a little more insight into how we do things at this St. Louis digital agency! Not only do these tools allow us to communicate and work more efficiently, they help our team to self-manage and operate under our unique Holacracy structure. And while they by no means define our success, it's always great to have some truly innovative tools in our arsenal.

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