How We Achieved a Positive Work Culture

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Dec 1, 2017

If there’s anything Integrity prides itself on (besides awesome web products), it’s our positive work culture. Our employees will tell you, Integrity’s culture is unlike any other of their previous employers’. Why?

Well, here are the top five reasons:

​​1. Flexible work schedule

The owners of Integrity greatly understand and appreciate work-life balance. One of Chief Creative Officer, Ed’s favorite things to say is, “We strive to make Integrity a place people don’t want to escape from.” That’s why they allow employees to be in and out of the office as they please – trusting their work will get done either in the office or at home. Of course, only responsible workers can handle this kind of freedom. That’s why we make sure to hire the right people.

2. Team mentality

One of the results of hiring the right people is having teams who actually want to work together and collaborate. Our employees not only spend time together at work, but also outside of work at happy hours and other social events. This cultivates a culture of support, friendship and assuming the best in one another.

3. Acknowledging achievements

Want an immediate culture booster? Celebrate your employees. We do this through a monthly team celebration lunch, birthday celebrations, baby showers, wedding showers, random gift cards for a job well done and project launch lunches. Our employees also frequently give “props” (a.k.a. compliments) to their co-workers in our company-wide Slack instant messaging channel. When the owners of a company celebrate their employees and encourage their employees to do so as well, every employee suddenly becomes empowered to spread the love.

4. Being your own boss

Having the responsibility of being your own boss goes back to the idea of hiring the right people. The right people won’t need any micromanaging or as much policy. Every Integrity employee is expected to be proactive and produce awesome work. This allows us to offer awesome benefits like Open PTO and maintain a flat structure where everyone feels equal to one another.

5. Kick ass office

The final major contributor to our awesome culture is our office space. We strive to make the office feel like a second home with modern decor, unlimited snacks and lots of comfy seating. Everyone knows how draining a gray cubicle can be with a basement vending machine as your only snack option (if any). We like to keep our space fun and creative to encourage our employees to have fun and be creative. It doesn’t hurt that we’re located on the famous Delmar Loop.


There are many more reasons Integrity employees love coming to work everyday, but these five have some of the most influence over employee happiness.

If you want to increase employee satisfaction at your company, start by hiring the right people so you can offer flexible schedules and awesome benefits. Be sure to encourage collaboration, celebrate your employees, trust your employees to do their work and improve your office decor.

Even implementing just one of these ideas will make a big difference in your company culture. Try it and find out.

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