Our Thoughts on Forcing a Return to the Office

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 17, 2022

We don’t care where any team member works.
Never have and never will.

With that said, we obsess about the quality of work product our teams produce and have high expectations for our web strategy, digital marketing, UX design and web development teams. We expect each team to collaborate as much as needed (but no more) to produce effective, world class solutions for our clients

And as much as we love all the new numerous video calling platforms (thanks mainly to Snap Camera filters), there are times humans simply work better and more effectively when together and in person.

We expect our client teams to make the best decisions on whether to meet, when to meet, who should meet and what format - hybrid, video or in person. We even have a simple Meeting Manifesto with our defaults that we've shared with our team.

This little chart is a great example of meeting type and whether the meeting would be better accomplished in person or if a Zoom call suffices.

What Really Matters to Integrity

We also obsess about the mental well being of every member of our team. The work we do on a daily basis is frustrating, complex, often ambiguous and constantly changing.

This shit is hard so we work diligently to remove every unnecessary tension, blocker or negative influence within our environment as a strategy to allow our team to focus on the complex challenges of designing a new customer experience, crafting a digital marketing strategy or engineering a new e-commerce solution.

It may just be semantics, as we really don’t care whether our team meets in person in the office or in a local coffee shop - but we do care greatly about the quality of social interactions among our team members, our clients and our partners. 

There are lengthy studies proving how small daily social interactions are the key to life longevity and happiness. This study  proved people who were disconnected from others were roughly three times more likely to die during the nine-year study than people with strong social ties. Face-to-face contact with fellow humans releases neurotransmitters that foster trust, reduce stress, kill pain and induce pleasure = intangibles every organization benefits from.

When we asked everyone to isolate at home it was to protect the safety and health of our team - but now, we need to increase social interactions as a mechanism to help our team return to max performance and enjoyment.

The lack of social interactions may be literally killing our team.

Those social interactions don’t need to be at the office, of course, but they absolutely must occur to get life back on track - and we have a pretty cool office space on the coolest street in the midwest, which is just another strategy for Integrity to empower the greatest digital marketing and web development team in the galaxy.

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