Our Talent Shines Through in Missouri Baptist University's Responsive Site

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 22, 2013

Think back.

No, further.

Remember your freshman year of college?

If your first year on your own was anything like mine, it was plagued by the minutia of class schedules, campus maps, payment plans and countless online forums in which you were supposed to write a quippy masterpiece to introduce yourself to the rest of the bewildered freshies in Whatever 101.

And, if your alma mater’s website was anything like mine, you would have rather trekked across campus – barefoot, in the snow, uphill both ways – to visit a real human in an actual office to take care of your business offline.

Well, we’re saving current and future students at Missouri Baptist University from that torment.

Mobap.edu is everything your typical college website is not. It’s modern, it’s organized, it’s spacious, and, best of all – it’s gorgeous.

A dedicated team of our best developers, UX and UI designers, content strategists and one tireless project lead worked closely with MBU’s communication department for nine months to see the site you have before you today.

We started with a user-friendly Wordpress foundation and tricked it out with several custom modules that highlight MBU’s social media activity, alumni success stories, progressive liberal arts programs and much more.

Our designers implemented a cheerful, dynamic color pallet that brings to life the university's “Shine On” slogan while still retaining its traditional Spartan blue.

One of our favorite parts about overhauling MBU’s website was devoting a whole section of it to why St. Louis, and MBU, is the best place to spend your college years.

Fully responsive and still fully Spartan, Mobap.edu is a perfect tribute to the strength of Integrity’s work and the strong foundation MBU provides its students.

Kids these days have it so easy.

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