New Operation Shower Website Is 'Cause' for Celebration

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 8, 2016

We brag a lot about doing cool stuff for cool people, but we just can't help it! Our clients are doing amazing things and it's exciting to help them be as awesome on the web as they are everywhere else.

Operation Shower is no exception to the "cool people" pattern. They're a nonprofit with a mission of bringing joy to military families and easing the stress of deployment by throwing amazing baby showers for moms and moms-to-be who are pregnant while their partners are deployed.

Integrity is very close to Operation Shower, with Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey on the board (and his wife leading the organization's success as founder and chief shower officer!) and their office just a few blocks away from our own.

Five years ago, we built Operation Shower's original WordPress website. In 2015, the site felt very, well, 2010. It was time for a change.

"This was the perfect time for a new website," says Ed Morrissey. "The website needed to be updated to match our modern standards, but it also needed to be redesigned to accommodate the rapid growth Operation Shower is experiencing."

We set out to modernize the website with a responsive redesign, a streamlined site architecture and a focus on showcasing the organization's bright personality and powerful mission.

We leveraged our custom WordPress development skills to create a flexible, content manageable site – perfect for housing the new content we crafted to ensure Operation Shower's mission was conveyed in their enthusiastic brand voice.

The new site directs its users to the actions they can take to help Operation Shower carry out their goals, with callouts for sponsoring, volunteering and donating prominently displayed in the main navigation and sprinkled throughout the site with coordinating icons and illustrations.

Another priority was to emphasize the events Operation Shower hosts – baby showers for large groups of military moms and moms-to-be. We created a custom post type so that each shower can be added to the website with its sponsors and photography prominently featured.

Check out the Operation Shower website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to learn more about their mission and work.

And if you decide you need a custom WordPress site that's as cool as this one, give us a call.

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