Mosquitoes Can Teach Us a Lot About Competitive Advantage

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Jul 6, 2010

When not ideating new web application development projects or reconsidering user experiences, I like to work in the yard - it's quiet, peaceful and "outside."

Yesterday (during some light tree maintenance), I noticed a mosquito circling me with a degree of interest. After a few failed attempts at swatting, I refocused on my pruning. Then, my arm begin to itch. Yep – I was bitten. I didn't feel the bite itself (she was long gone), but I knew exactly where she had been. While focusing on my arm, my leg began to itch as well. My little friend had bitten me again – but was nowhere to be found. I realized I was so distracted, I stopped gardening and had even stopped looking for the mosquito – I was too busy focusing on my discomforts.

With regard to competitive advantage, mosquitoes have it right. Keep the competition focusing on where you were, not where you are. Take their focus away from what they should be doing (ideating new features, building better service or delivering greater value) and lure them into a defensive role where they burn precious time and money making incremental improvements on your innovative ideas. Always a version or two behind. Always wondering where you might bite next.

This takes passion. Creativity. Risk. Innovation.

Innovation is no nicety. It is the singular road to growth, remarkability, competitive advantage, differentiation and (ultimately) survival.

So, is your competition following you – or do you find you're the one scratching? Integrity can help you stand out from the rest. Contact us.

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