Modernizing a Website for St. Louis’s Top CPA and Advising Firm

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Jun 24, 2020

When Anders CPAs + Advisors, the leading accounting and advising firm in St. Louis, desired a modernized, high-performing website that reflected their new service offerings and mission, they partnered with Integrity to craft a solution.

Through an initial intensive discovery process, we determined that Anders’ primary goals were to identify opportunities and implement logical marketing solutions that have a measurable impact on business development efforts.

User-Centered Design

The original design goal was to focus on the areas that make Anders stand out — such as the people and unique brand — as well as upgrade the entire user experience.

Unique Branding

The design was driven by Anders existing brand equity. The goal was to imagine the brand through the lens of a modernized and freshened aesthetic. Using triangular shapes in background patterns, graphical elements, and cropped imagery, we crafted a cohesive design that is distinctly unique to the Anders brand.

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Personal Touch

The Anders marketing team (under Integrity’s recommendation) conducted a full photoshoot to alleviate the need to use any generic stock photography on main pages. Anders team members are showcased on all main page banners and supporting imagery, further displaying that this can’t be any other CPA firm — only Anders.

Smooth User Experience

The experience should easily guide users to the information they are looking for, and drive users to specific conversions, such as contacting Anders or finding an advisor in a specific department. We implemented clear and concise calls-to-action throughout the site that drive users to these conversion points.

The site is also fully responsive and will work properly on any device, and at any breakpoint, with the ability to manage content in a single place.

SEO-Driven Content

Anders had a robust repository of content, from service line information to blog posts, but it no longer reflected their streamlined service offerings or revised mission. Integrity approached the site with a revised, SEO-driven content strategy and worked as a team with Anders to draft the site content.

Navigable and Shallow Site

Users are more likely to read important information when it’s easy to find. The new Anders site ensures that users go, at most, two levels deep in content. Previously, users may have needed to click through three or four pages deep to find the content they were looking for.

Consistency in Page Content Structure

It's helpful for users to be able to know what to expect when they move throughout the site, especially through similar pages such as the Services. Now when a user goes to a page nested under “Tax,” for instance, they will go through a familiar content journey as when they visit a page under “Advisory.”

Unique Messaging and Tone

Anders is a unique business and therefore has a unique tone. Anders and Integrity worked collaboratively via GatherContent (shown below) on writing and editing the content to make sure the messaging complemented the established branding.

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Implement SEO Best Practices

As part of the discovery phase of this initiative, we conducted thorough keyword research. This research was then implemented in copy throughout the site.  

The goal with content is to inform site visitors and improve search engine rankings. Relevant terms were used when appropriate (especially in titles, headings and metadata). In addition, a linking strategy, content structure and site performance were all considered to be optimal for search engines.

Encourage Users to Take Action

Throughout the site are carefully placed calls-to-action that lead visitors to pertinent information found elsewhere as well as to get in touch. The copy will allow users to feel informed, encouraged to contact Anders and find the right advisor to meet their needs.

Custom Web Development

Our web development team wanted to create a website that was flexible and adaptable for future growth, easy to use, and in line with today’s industry best practices.

User-Friendly Setup

The website was built using WordPress’s content management platform. WordPress was chosen for the following reasons:

  • It is one of the most widely used website platforms available today.
  • Since it is such a popular platform, resources can be easily found to support and change the site, as needed.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to understand even for those who are non-technical.

The new website is fully content-manageable which means all areas of the website, from the navigation links to the content and images across all pages, are able to easily be edited by an administrator.

Increased Functionality

The website was built to maximize flexibility for future growth and change. Integrity used popular third-party plugins and integrations to expand the functionality and customize the website.

Adaptable and Customizable Build

The website also contains flexible content fields. This will allow administrators to craft new and existing pages with unique layouts.

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Because the Anders site is now fully content manageable and flexible in nature, as Anders’ goals change over time, the website will be able to adapt to those goals and evolve as needed.

Next Phase of the Anders-Integrity Partnership

To fully leverage the new website, and to continue on the path of elevating Anders’ marketing presence, Integrity launched a post-redesign marketing plan, including database marketing, ongoing SEO efforts and data analysis.

We are continuing to partner with the Anders team to ensure the company is reaching current and potential clients with tailored content that addresses their questions and challenges. By continuously reviewing analytics, Integrity can help Anders understand what’s been successful and how we can adjust to further optimize our work.

In addition to our marketing efforts, Integrity is still offering website support to ensure it performs well and meets Anders’ needs as they continue to evolve.


If your business could use a website redesign or marketing strategy, the team at Integrity is here to help. Let’s talk and see how we can support your goals today.

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