Why Retailers Need Just One Digital Marketing Agency

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Jul 22, 2021

From a retail business owner’s point of view, getting in front of prospective buyers is more complicated than ever. With the digital media landscape in a perpetual state of change, being able to navigate online opportunities can be overwhelming and challenging. As a retailer, you’ll want to identify where best to spend on marketing to reach your ROI goal. 

Digital marketing allows retailers to advertise on news media websites or use streaming services online. Social media is a great opportunity to have conversations with your clients without being face to face. There are many different channels to utilize, but you don’t want to distract too much from your core business. Many retailers turn to marketing agencies to manage multiple marketing strategies. 

Why You Should Rethink Your Agency Arsenal

Working in retail, the number of agencies you work with seems to continue to grow as your business plan continues to grow. As with any strategy, digital marketing takes time and expertise to navigate the online world.    

There are many marketing agencies available to help you convert your analytics and customer/product knowledge to actionable insights and strategies. Many businesses choose to use multiple marketing agencies to advertise on different channels and provide a range of services such as: 

But having too many parties involved in one marketing strategy or goal can cause conflict in your messaging and confusion on the consumer’s part.

Integrity offers businesses manageable and strategic solutions and provides all of the most critical marketing expertise under one roof which makes managing your company’s marketing efforts less time-consuming. This allows you, as the business owner, to focus more of your time and energy on the business you love. 

Additionally, using one marketing agency also allows you to optimize your digital marketing strategy and efforts by putting your money where it matters most. 

Unify Your Brand

Distinguishing your brand is the first step in uniting your marketing strategy. While every individual consumer’s path to purchase is unique, the touchpoints should clearly share your brand message and not waiver by reflecting the subtle differences of multiple creative teams and strategists.

Choosing to combine and condense your marketing efforts under one agency benefits your customers by presenting a clear message. Shifting your marketing to one full-service digital marketing agency ensures a unified brand message across all digital and traditional channels for a cohesive, seamless experience that leads to enhanced sales. 

Consumers will gain trust and confidence in your brand and your ability to meet their needs when your message is consistent at every touchpoint:  

  • Tone
  • Language
  • Logos
  • Offers
  • Imagery 
  • Brand messaging

Unite Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

A unified brand and marketing strategy successfully catches the consumer’s attention and guides them seamlessly through the purchasing process. Since so many consumers are researching online, utilizing digital marketing is now a must. A brick-and-mortar location can still optimize its marketing strategy through the digital marketing landscape. 

If you have an agency for each service area — from social media marketing to email campaigns — the voice behind your brand becomes muddled and will feel disjointed to your potential or current client. 

One team from one agency prevents repetitive work for you, and it also prevents sharing out conflicting information. Integrity’s retail team collects and analyzes your data to refine and advance the right marketing strategy for you to deliver an increased return on your marketing investment.

Once we’ve determined who the audience is and what they are looking for, we can use that information across all digital marketing channels because our unique team is composed of experts in different areas of digital marketing but we work together to present unified information. 

When your potential client is ready to visit in person, he or she is already pre-sold on your company’s values, ballpark pricing and reputation in the market because you have united your marketing strategy and optimized each stage in the journey.

How Integrity Can Help You

Presenting a unified front for your retail marketing online benefits you and your customer’s experience. But we know that choosing the right marketing agency to support you can be overwhelming and challenging. 

At Integrity, our all-encompassing services allow you to embrace digital marketing with confidence and to stop having to manage multiple agencies with multiple marketing approaches. We help you launch your marketing campaigns and optimize your digital marketing strategy under one roof with one team.   


Contact Integrity's retail team today to see how we can help you consolidate your digital marketing strategy and be successful in the online market.

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