Integrity Crafts Custom Document Sharing Application for Legal Industry

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 21, 2016

Integrity recently completed a custom enterprise web application development project for PohlmanUSA Court Reporting and Litigation Services. PohlmanUSA is a national leader within the legal industry, delivering both traditional and technology-based court reporting and litigation services to clients across the country.

It's those technology-based services that brought the company to Integrity. They sought to update their web-based file sharing tool, which previously allowed law firms to serve documents to one other – but not to send them directly to the court.

PohlmanUSA partnered with Integrity to develop a custom web application that fully integrated with the Madison County court system.

Integrity accepted the challenge and worked closely with PohlmanUSA to map all existing processes related to filing. From there, we translated the paper-based portions of the document sharing process into a web product branded MyDocFileServe™. This meant defining an entirely new user persona: the court and its employees.

In the new application, the Madison County court now has its own view of the interface. Law firms can file documents for court employees to view, edit, reject and approve. Because the whole process is now digital, it's a more seamless experience for both the law firms and court system.

"This project was a perfectly suited for our team," says Integrity's Ed Morrissey. "The application is proof of our ability to take an extremely complex process and translate it into a smooth digital experience designed to make life easier for every user."

Be sure to read more about all the features of MyDocFileServe™ and how it's supporting asbestos litigation in Madison County, Illinois.

If you need a team to help you turn your process into a beautiful web experience, Integrity is just what you're looking for. Drop us a line today.

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