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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 27, 2018

Every website's homepage needs a clear CTA (Call To Action) that directs the user where they need to go on the webpage. A CTA will often be a prominently placed button that reads "Learn More" or "Contact Us". While this may be the most common practice for CTAs, it is not always the best practice.

Today's Internet users are accustomed to condensed, eye-catching content, and if they don't get it, they're very likely going to leave quickly. Businesses need to do better than a simple button to grab consumers' attention and communicate their message. Prominently placed video promos of your service or products can be the perfect way to achieve that goal.

Why Incorporate Video Into Your Web Design?

Video promos are often used by software and tech companies (like InVision, for example) to showcase a product or service, its uses and how it can improve consumers' workflows. It is proven that video content on a webpage grabs users' attention and keeps them on that page longer than a static image with a CTA button.

The most important content on your site can easily get overlooked by users that aren't immediately engaged by your homepage. If they are bored by your site, or don't immediately see the info they're looking for, they will bounce. Placing a video on your homepage as the first element your user sees is a much more effective way of getting them to consume your content.

Adding interactive content like video in your user experience design to help you retain and engage your users? Get in touch with our web development company today.

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