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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 7, 2014

Integrity St. Louis digital agency and The Jiffy Steamer Company have partnered to embark on a new custom e-commerce development, web design and digital marketing program.

Jiffy Steamer has been the leading U.S. supplier of commercial and consumer-based steam products for nearly 75 years. Founded in 1940 and headquartered in Union City, Tennessee, the company has built its reputation on manufacturing quality, American craftsmanship and outstanding service. Most known for its garment steamers, Jiffy Steamer has also developed products for the automotive, equine and sporting equipment industries.

With a growing online business, expansive d3ealer network, and demand from around the world, Jiffy was looking for a partner to help expand its ecommerce capabilities, elevate its brand and better leverage social media, while also supporting their expansive dealer network.

Integrity’s team, led by Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey, Product Manager Dan Evans, Project Manager Stephanie Smetana and User Experience Design Lead James Milam, worked with Jiffy’s executive team to develop a comprehensive program that achieves their goals and supports the company’s vision for the future.

“Like most companies over the last 10 years, Jiffy Steamer built its websites to keep pace with demand from customers. They did what was necessary to be up and running given the constraints of technologies at the time,” said Evans, the program lead for Integrity. “This program allows us to step back and look at the current and future needs of the company and develop a solid technology foundation that will scale to meet demand and streamline their internal processes. ”

The program will run over the next 18-24 months and will include custom ecommerce development; front-end social media management and content development.

“We’re really looking forward to helping further cement Jiffy Steamer’s reputation in the market,” said Smetana, who will lead the digital marketing and social media portion of the program for Integrity. “There are so many people out there who just are not aware of how much better steaming is for their clothes as opposed to ironing. Ironing can damage clothes. Steam is so much easier and fresher and it keeps your clothes looking great. We’re looking forward to connecting through social media and other channels to get that message out.”

Snapshot Interactive, a video production firm with offices in St. Louis and Nashville, has been selected for media asset development to support the program including video and still photography. Integrity will work with Snapshot on script development, talent and location selection while also supporting the production with graphic design and post-production services.

“It’s a fantastic company with really good people who care about their product and their customers. Visiting their facilities in Tennessee, you see the amount of care that goes into everything they do. It’s very refreshing and we’re excited to be a part of their team,” Morrissey said.

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