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Dec 15, 2022

This past Sunday, Girl Scout Troop 485 did some awesome stuff with Web Engineer Jonathan Domian. Jonathan led them through all things computer science and mechanical engineering, while having fun along the way! The girls were first given an Intro to Computer Science and Engineering, also learning about Ada Lovelace, the first ever female computer programmer! Jonathan also talked about Mechanical Engineering and 3D printing, showing the girls the Mitek 3D Display he designed and also a 3D festive Christmas cottage.

Troop 485 got interactive with Jonathan’s knowledge by collaborating on many tech activities. Jonathan had them study and use a 3D application for their 3D printed troop medallions from the 2022 STEM Tech Conference, which they could customize with their name and take home as an ornament. The girls also learned about software engineering with programming and robotics using Sphero Robots, Lego Robot trucks and Scratch/Block programming. Jonathan showed them how to code this animated walking cat, which they could do, too!

The girls of Troop 485 made an epic tech impact on their own website by building a webpage together and creating a secure password to the troop’s Wordpress site. While talking about cybersecurity, they all built their own webpages. At the end of the event, each girl got 2 badges for their sash: Coding For Good 1 and Cybersecurity Basics.

Integrity is happy we could provide a space for the Girl Scouts of Troop 485 to learn about how cool the tech world is, all from one of our best! We hope you were inspired by the great things you accomplished. Watch out world, we might have some next-gen Ada Lovelaces coming your way!

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