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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 7, 2013

After three months of working around the clock on a tight deadline, the Integrity mobile application team has launched the next innovation in the shipping world.

Worldwide Express Shipping Solutions is one of UPS’ largest express shipping partners who works to ensure that growing companies can focus on other things besides shipping needs.

As a rapidly growing company, Integrity totally gets that need. That’s why we were happy to work with WWEX to create one of our largest iOS apps to date.

And a pretty kick ass one, we might add.

Gone are the days of traveling with a briefcase full of notebooks and leaky pens. The WWEX app that we developed and designed from scratch allows shipping experts to manage customer relations from their mobile devices. Using the app, WWEX employees can now upload important information, locate customers and record calls and emails automatically from the field.

On top of replicating all of WWEX’s Customer Relationship Management features and making them editable from within the app, our developers even created a custom mapping feature that allows WWEX to track companies in their vicinity who ship with them the most often.

Our designers were sure to honor WWEX’s professionalism with a modern and simplistic design that is accessible for customer service representatives working from a mobile device.

Our team went above and beyond to make sure that the WWEX team has everything it needs to simplify shipping.

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