Integrity’s Ed Morrisey as Keynote Speaker of STL Tech Week 2023: GEO+AI

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Apr 19, 2023

STL TechWeek 2023 kicks off next week, April 24th through the 28th, providing free opportunities for all to learn all about digital opportunity and innovation.

Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morissey will present as the opening keynote speaker on Wednesday, April 26th, at the GEO+AI event at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, Illinois.

“It is nothing short of an honor to be invited as the keynote speaker,” says Morrisey. “The growing impact of AI on our world every minute of every day is beyond fascinating and I’m excited to share my insight while collaborating with other leaders in AI.”

The GEO+AI event focuses on how the rapid innovation of AI impacts the worlds of geospatial, cybersecurity, and national defense. Ed Morissey along with other leaders in AI will explore the challenges and opportunities this new technology presents in data security, as well as hear insight from drivers of innovation in GIS, Cyber, and Defense that are already integrating the advancements in AI.

While all events are free, STL TechWeek is a fundraiser for the TechSTL STEM Scholarship Fund. 100% of your contribution will be donated to provide scholarships to increase accessibility to computer science, data analytics, design, and IT business operations degree programs and certificates for diverse communities of the St. Louis Metro area.

Tickets are still available on the TechSTL website!

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