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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Dec 31, 2010

Well the Oscar went to Sandra Bullock but the Web Award goes to us!

Integrity was recently recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development by the Web Marketing Association for our collaborative work with the leading revenue and payment cycle solutions provider in the country.

They asked for an update; we gave them a revolution. We transformed their traditional corporate site into a lead generating tool by redesigning the experience for the consumer and making it easier for them to recognize what they needed and why instead of just providing a list of products offered. In doing so, we focused not only on acquiring intelligent traffic but also optimizing for higher rates of conversion.

“We wanted to remove the burden of selection” said CEO John Simanowitz. “So instead of asking what kind of shoes they wanted, we asked what their favorite colors were and the size of their feet.”

And boy the difference it made. In the first month, sales leads more than tripled without any additional traffic to the site.

How’s that for instant gratification?

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