Integrity to Support Consumer Experience Program for Creighton University

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 11, 2016

Late last year, Integrity kicked off a major partnership with Creighton University, launching a UX strategy and consulting program focused around a multi-tiered data gathering effort to support a comprehensive user-based requirements definition.

Creighton, a Jesuit school located in Omaha, Nebraska, is well ahead of the game when it comes to academics, student experience and campus culture. But they came to Integrity seeking a solution to ensure their online experience was on par with their world class campus experience.

Why Integrity? Because we're user experience experts with tons of higher education industry experience and a level of technical expertise that makes us capable of consulting on even the most complex digital programs.

Creighton's goal is to create a unified online experience for their users: students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni – the entire Creighton community.

Over the years, as is the case with many universities, Creighton has adopted applications and tools to move various aspects of the college experience online. But adding technologies as needed over a long period of time has resulted in a disjointed digital experience.

Rather than jump right into solving a problem identified by the administration, and risking investment in a tool their constituents might not even use, the university is taking a people-first, data driven approach.

That approach is right up Integrity's alley. We know Creighton is making the right move – the user should always be the top priority when it comes to building a new web product, whether it's a marketing website or a complex application.

We've worked closely with Creighton to plan and conduct an in-depth discovery to answer the crucial question: What kind of technology is going to benefit the entire Creighton community?

So far, we've facilitated in-depth interviews with the university's leadership and focus groups with students, faculty and staff. We're working our way through 100 phone interviews and have sent out an online survey designed to get feedback from as many stakeholders as we can reach.

We'll collaborate with Creighton's internal IT team to review all the data we've gathered, analyze the gaps in the school's current technology and identify the requirements for the new, optimized online experience they're seeking.

"Ultimately, Creighton's users are shaping and defining the Creighton experience platform in a people plus process plus technology approach,” says Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. "As passionate advocates for the users of any system, Integrity is supporting this prioritization through a global data gathering effort and detailed analysis of the findings."​

Keep an eye out for more updates on the project! And if you're wondering about your own users' technology needs, we can help! Drop us a line today.

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