Integrity Launches Interactive Corporate Website for Global Company

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jun 17, 2013

It's true if you think about it, almost everything in the world can be filtered. Thanks to our work with Filtration Group, we can now appreciate just how much work goes into cleaning and purifying everyday things like water, air, food, oil and much more.

Filtration Group is a global leader in filtration products and over the past few years has been acquiring filtration companies in the U.S. and overseas. They came to Integrity hoping to create a corporate identity and launch a corporate website.

As the company grew, the need was becoming apparent - it was time to tell the Filtration Group story. Integrity worked closely with Filtration Group senior management to grow and develop Filtration Group's web presence, which was previously non-existent.

The responsive website was designed to be energetic and have a colorful and clean UI. A sleek and minimalist feel was also a main focus, which required information consolidation for the often complicated filtration field. Our team of content strategists and interactive web designers paired up to make sure the Filtration Group story was told throughout the design and the copy.

In its first incarnation the site is relatively simple, but it is designed to grow as Filtration Group grows and adds to its family of companies. Thanks to the success of the corporate site, Integrity is already in the works of helping Filtration Group out with a whole slew of new projects!

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