Integrity Partners With Siteman Cancer Center on Your Disease Risk

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 21, 2016

Risk assessment is a crucial step in preventing disease.

But does that assessment have to be difficult or time-consuming? What if people could get the results they need just by filling out a short online quiz? These are the questions researchers at Siteman Cancer Center and the Washington University School of Medicine asked themselves when developing Your Disease Risk, an educational web application that allows users to easily assess their own disease risk.

And we're excited to announce that Integrity is continuing our long term partnership with Siteman to improve the innovative application with a refresh of the Your Disease brand and UX enhancements that will make it easily shareable with other partners.

Your Disease Risk was originally developed by the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention nearly 16 years ago. In 2007, the application was moved to the Siteman Cancer Center under the direction of Dr. Graham Colditz.

The application's algorithm assesses users' risk for different types of cancers and diseases like stroke, heart disease and diabetes. For each assessment, users are provided with multiple helpful ways to reduce their risk and live a healthier lifestyle.

Disease Risk chart example


Siteman Cancer Center sought out Integrity to help improve multiple functions of Your Disease Risk. Leveraging our user experience is necessary for any website or app to succeed in 2016.

The quiz itself is well-known in the health care world, so it's no surprise that other institutions want to license Your Disease Risk on their own websites. Integrity's team of developers will make it easy to offer individual disease modules to any of Siteman's partners. We'll also build in a smoother way to manage the application's content and organize its data so the results are not only easier to digest but also more effective. The rebrand will also include a new logo that reflects Siteman's scientific approach to providing personalized results.

Integrity Parter and CCO Ed Morrissey understands that Integrity’s UX skills will give Your Disease Risk the important updates it needs to really shine: ”We’re thrilled to help Siteman Cancer Center improve their tool by reprioritizing how they present the data," he said. “Our team knows that a user-centered approach will make Your Disease Risk more accessible – allowing users to more effectively assess their own risks.”

Take a look at Your Disease Risk, and be on the look out for news on the launch of our updates early next year.

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