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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 27, 2012

Horses can run into health problems, too. Thanks to Jiffy Steamer’s Flexineb, they can breathe a little easier.

Flexineb is an equine horse nebulizer, which means it can deliver medication to a horse through aerosolization. In simpler terms, they breathe in their medication instead of taking it through a shot or pill. This process is a lot simpler and easier on the horse itself, and doesn’t require any additional cords or equipment for the owner to haul around.

Integrity worked with Jiffy Steamer to convert the existing Flexineb website over to a more easily manageable WordPress system. While we did not do any design work for Flexineb, we did design a web framework around which Flexineb could effectively be displayed to users. This created a website that is as uncomplicated for users as the medication device is to use on horses.

This project showcased our ability to create functional design even if we aren’t doing the actual design. We are excited to see what tracks Flexineb will make in the equine and veterinary worlds!

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