Super Parking Lot Is Taking Off!

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 4, 2012

You have a lot to worry about when going on a trip: Will your flight be on time? Did you leave the iron on? Is your airport terminal’s parking lot already full? Well, things are looking up. Now, there’s one less thing to consider.

Lambert St. Louis International Airport’s very own Super Park answers this last question by providing the parking availability count for each of its lots online. Users can quickly find the percentage of available spots for each of its six lots, preventing much frustration and lost time for travelers. The question of where to leave your car at the airport is no longer left up in the air.

Super Park accomplished this feat by reaching out to its friends in high places here at Integrity. Tasked with a complete site redesign, Integrity delivered a total reorganization of content, along with Google Maps integration. Super Park’s special offers and rewards program are now just as easy to navigate as the lots themselves. Because the site is now designed with a WordPress framework, it’s ensured that content and promotions will be updated frequently.

The new design wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. Super Park’s promotional material featured a fun, kitschy aesthetic that had evolved independently from the old site, leaving its style on stand-by. Now the two are reunited through vibrant illustrations and catchphrases.

Unlike flight plans, it’s good to have connections when it comes to a site redesign. And with all the positive feedback from travelers searching for spots while searching online, things are really starting to take off here at Integrity.

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