We Found Our Thrill Redesigning Blueberry Hill

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 9, 2015

It's hard to say what's most appetizing about our neighbor, Blueberry Hill, which is arguably St. Louis's most famous restaurant and concert venue.

Maybe it's that mouth-watering menu, those foot-tappin' tunes emanating from the legendary Duck Room or the collection of head-spinning pop culture memorabilia lining the walls. Well, let me add one more item to that list: Blueberry Hill's brand-spankin'-new website.

Integrity teamed up with the "Duke of Delmar" himself, Joe Edwards, on this project – for a match made in rock 'n' web heaven. Together, we set out to give the people what they want: an easy-to-use tool to help them plan a truly awesome experience at Blueberry Hill.

The result is a user experience as tasty as one of Blueberry Hill's Famous Burgers. We built a responsive WordPress site that makes it easy for visitors – on a desktop or just about any mobile device – to discover concert lineups, buy tickets, make a reservation, shop merchandise, book parties and more. And of course, the handy WordPress content management system makes adding or changing site content smoother than a Chuck Berry duck walk.

It was high time for a fresh coat of paint on the site, but we decided to reimagine it from the ground up.

There's so much to get excited about at Blueberry Hill – the chance to see the freakin' Father of Rock 'n' Roll perform, for one – and the site visual design finally reflects that. We chose a fun blue and yellow color palette with distinctive iconography and a focus on bold, colorful photography.

"We at Integrity are committed to supporting everything awesome in St. Louis," said John Simanowitz, Integrity's CEO, "and what rocks more that Blueberry Hill?"

In case you missed it, Blueberry Hill is just one of several iconic St Louis business sites we've been redesigning, such as the Moonrise Hotel, Peacock Loop DinerVisitTheLoop.com and the Loop Data Rail. After all, one of America's greatest streets should have a web presence to match its greatness.

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