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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 9, 2011

The Code Poet directory is an elite network of professionals focused on WordPress development, web strategy, digital design, training, security and more. Brought to you by Automattic, the company behind, it’s a directory of the leading WordPress professionals across the globe.

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As a leading digital agency, Integrity was a very early adopter of open source technologies as a way to add value to our clients. We are constantly looking for opportunities to exceed our client’s expectations and the WordPress content management system (CMS) has proven to do that every time.

WordPress is perhaps the best example of the power of open source and how it’s literally changing the lives of our clients by providing an elegant, intuitive and extremely powerful self-publishing system allowing them to take ownership of their website and the daily updating and content management.

If your digital agency or web design firm is still pushing their home grown proprietary CMS you should enlighten them on the benefits of open source – free is good, after all – and the power of WordPress – 20 million sites and counting.

Combine open source technologies, WordPress and Integrity ‘s user experience design expertise and you are sure to create a batch of awesomeness.

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