Integrity Launches Two New Sites for WRC

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 1, 2018

Certain businesses are a little hard for people to understand (trust me, I’m in one). Reinsurance, for example, is not a topic most people are very familiar with. So when Integrity was approached by the folks at the Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation Group (better known as the WRC Group) about building a new marketing site, we knew presenting their business cleanly to the web would be an important piece of the puzzle.

But this project was more than just a single site rebuild. Not only were we tasked with giving their public-facing marketing site a much-needed transformation, they also engaged us to update their separate, document-focused website that assists their staff and agents each day. That’s right: this is a two-for-one website launch extravaganza!

WRC’s two websites have existed for several years. Both sites contained significant amounts of content, documents and data for WRC's three subsidiary companies. Our web consulting agency took on a significant Discovery effort of what content, functionality, and data was missing or required restructuring between both the internal site and the marketing site. And while both sites share some similarities, their purposes were very different.

Double the Improved User Experience, Double the Fun

The primary focus of the internal document site rebuild was user role management and permissioning. Different user types needed to be able to view, search, and filter only the documents that pertained to their job, company, and state of business. In addition to developing that functionality, we also built ‘Site’ permissioning for page content. In other words, users would only see content based on their company within the WRC Group. And there was no small amount of users to consider!

We created a few custom database import scripts to avoid losing any users or documents during the rebuild and tested thoroughly with the client. WRC now has the necessary controls to add and edit permissions per document, user, post and page.

While the marketing site was also structured per each separate company, our content strategy team's primary focus was content organization to assist user readability and boost SEO. Integrity updated the architecture of the site both in the CMS and on the front end to create an improved user experience for both site visitors and website administrators at WRC. One very important feature of the site is the ability to find a WRC agent or mutual client. We leveraged our database script importing skills once again to keep the previous site’s custom data and implemented new fields for latitude and longitude to allow filtering by address or by the user’s actual geolocation.

Building these two digital products at once for a client was a tremendous effort that could only be pulled off with great teamwork and frequent communication between Integrity and the WRC team.

Take a look at the beautiful, brand new WRC site!

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