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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 6, 2012

If the idea of taking a razor to your car’s exterior leaves you cringing, Jiffy Steamer has the perfect solution. The company, a pioneer in the steam industry, recently launched SteamBlade, a product that uses the heat and moisture of steam to safely and quickly remove a vehicle’s window film and vinyl wrap. No more sharp razors around that paint job!

Integrity worked with Jiffy from the outset on this project, starting with naming and branding, all the way to launching the product’s website and social media entities. SteamBlade helps to save car repair shops time and money by performing a very tedious task in a very short amount of time. What used to take hours with gloves and a razor now takes a manner of seconds with steam.

This project showcased a company that is constantly evolving and moving forward with its line of products, always seeking new ways that it can help make its customers’ lives easier. It is something that we strive for in our work, and it’s always great to work with a brand that values the same principles!

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