Integrity Launches Responsive Lead Generation Website for Hearing Health Awareness

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 5, 2014

In the age of earbuds and rock shows, chances are we’ve all experienced our fair share of ear ringing. Luckily for most that sound fades rather quickly, but it might leave you wondering, how are people who truly require assistance with their hearing getting the information they need?

Continuing our longstanding legacy working in the health care industry, we recently partnered with a three-generation family of hearing care providers to design, develop and launch Exposing Hearing Aids, an informative lead generation site aimed at providing users with valuable information about their hearing health. The site educates patients about the risks and potential additional costs of buying a hearing aid online instead of from a reputable hearing care provider. Buying health supplies can be scary, especially if it’s from a source you aren't familiar with. With EHA, users can submit their information to connect with a hearing care provider in their area that EHA has personally vetted.

Blues and greens pulled from the EHA logo lead site visitors through information about hearing aids, online hearing care purchases, aftercare, hearing care providers, hearing loss and the EHA provider network while bright pops of color provide calls to action. A persistent header  ensures that a visitor always has easy access to the site's wealth of information and the footer on most pages provides a chance to set up an in-person meeting with a local hearing care provider. Social media links, simple graphics and bold imagery make the site both modern and friendly for visitors of any age. And the best part of all is that the responsive site is also highly content manageable!

Making sure users get the appropriate healthcare supplies they need via a website that's fun and easy to use sounds great to us!

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