Integrity Launches Modern Redesign for Automation Service Website

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Oct 2, 2017

We’re proud to announce the launch of a modernized website redesign for Automation Service, an internationally recognized leading supplier of remanufactured process instrumentation. They approached us earlier this year with a request for a full website overhaul. Lucky for them, they came to the right place!

Given that their company mission is to bring customer service back to the process control industry, it was only natural for them to desire a custom website that helps them better serve their consumers. Automation Service's 7-acre, 100,000+ square foot facility, located in Earth City, Missouri, supplies high-quality remanufactured products that are rigorously tested and quality assured. Their consumer-focused approach is part of what garners them widespread recognition and puts their company head and shoulders above the competition.

Their needs included a decluttered website with improved user experience and a simplified content update process for their team. Integrity was able to design a less complex, more modern site that better serves their endeavors. Our efforts included an attractive redesign, custom-built product search tool and implementation of HubSpot to increase their quality lead generation.

“Working with Automation Service was such an enjoyable experience for our team,” said Ed Morrissey, Integrity Chief Creative Officer. “As a company that also prioritizes client satisfaction, Integrity was excited to build them an excellent site that facilitates their customer service efforts and enhances their users’ experience.”

Check out the new Automation Service website and see the improvements for yourself!

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