Loopy Ravioli Has Winged Its Way Into the App Store

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 26, 2014

Do you love St. Louis? Have you discovered a serious gaming void in your life now that Flappy Bird is no longer available?

We've got a tasty solution for you.

Combining the addictive nature of a favorite gone-but-not-forgotten iOS application and our love of all things St. Louis, we just launched Loopy Ravioli to the App Store. Play as a delicious piece of toasted ravioli, flying high above our neighborhood, St. Louis' iconic Delmar Loop. Since t-ravs are also from right in our backyard, we felt it was a natural connection. Avoid obstacles and compete against your friends for Supreme Winged Fried Food Dominance. Loopy Ravioli is free to download, but we can't be held responsible for the order of toasted ravioli that you will inevitably order after playing.

What are you waiting for? Download Loopy Ravioli now and get tapping!

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