Integrity Launches Your Disease Risk Web App for Siteman Cancer Center

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 7, 2018

Integrity is proud to share the launch of the redesigned "Your Disease Risk" web application for Siteman Cancer Center! A longterm partner of Integrity, Siteman's team came to us in late 2016 seeking a major update for their educational web application. Originally developed over 16 years ago at the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention, the application was moved to the Siteman Cancer Center in 2007.

Over time, it became evident that the application was in need of significant modernization. Having worked with Integrity on award-winning projects in the past, Siteman knew that we were the perfect web development company for the job!

Your Disease Risk was developed with an algorithm allowing it to assess users' risk for various types of cancers and diseases, such as stroke and heart disease. Users take a simple quiz and receive an assessment, along with suggestions for ways to live healthier and reduce their risk. While the quiz itself is well-known and respected in the healthcare world, the application had become outdated. It needed rebranding and rebuilt to be compatible with modern browsers and provide an improved user experience.

Other institutions had also expressed interest in licensing Your Disease Risk on their own websites. In addition to the modern rebuild, Siteman needed the new application to be modifiable in a way that allowed them to license it to these other hospital sites and their partners.

Leveraging our user experience expertise

Integrity's web development and web design teams wereable to produce a modern, fully responsive, mobile-optimized application for Siteman. Our user experience experts determined an effective way to manage the application’s content and organize its data, making the information more impactful and easier for users to digest. We also designed the application so that its styles could be overwritten and customized to match sites that have licensed the app for their own use.

Not only does the new application offer adaptable styling, it also allows for integrated, customizable marketing. Hospitals can choose to offer a sign-up option at the end of the assessment to prompt patients to seek out additional information or medical services, making this tool a valuable resource for both patients and hospitals.

"We're truly pleased to have had the opportunity to update and improve this application for Siteman Cancer Center," said Integrity Parter and CCO Ed Morrissey. "Our team was able to build an elegant, user-focused application that serves as a valuable resource for both patients and their organization. It is gratifying for us to work with an industry leader like Siteman on a project that provides real value to users' lives."

Check out the new Your Disease Risk application on Siteman's award-winning site and assess your own risk.


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