Integrity Interns Undertake Mobile App Project

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jul 25, 2013

First, Imagine a Stereotypical Intern...

Is said person juggling eight Starbucks coffee cups, making copies or performing other mundane tasks that a caveman could do? You’re probably nodding, having been there yourself, or even thinking “Duh!”

Here at Integrity it’s different... and I would know, because, well, I am an intern!

...Now, Scratch That

At Integrity, interns don’t do coffee runs. In fact, interns aren’t even allowed to do coffee runs and full-timers scoff at the thought of it. And when it comes to making copies, I don’t even know if we have a copy machine... It’s a digital world and we’re just livin’ in it, right?

The Real Deal: Project Intern

What I’ve heard this summer more than “Wanna get FroYo?," which is seriously saying something,  is that an internship at Integrity is as close to the real deal as it gets, and that isn’t an exaggeration. Not only do Integrity interns help work on real projects, they are also running their own this summer. Not-so-creatively dubbed “Project Intern” until further notice, our efforts are just beginning to take shape.

My fellow interns - Chris, Dan, Jacob, Max and Mel - and I are pretty much the guinea pigs of this new project, and we’re seriously stoked. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to plan their own web-based product? As interns we have the opportunity to utilize the skills that we have already developed from our time at Integrity by taking on leadership roles within a product ideation and presentation. Each intern has an important role in the project, whether it's backend development, mobile app development, interactive design or content strategy.

The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

With a few Project Intern team meetings under our belt, we have come up with a geospatial scavenger hunt mobile app that will allow people to interact with it as they explore different places all over the globe!

Although we’ve just recently started, we are well into the brainstorming and discovery phase. We’ve done some competitive analysis, created a project plan, researched possible user personas, thought about potential features that would add to the experience and are steamrolling ahead as fast as we can considering our tight timeline. Unfortunately, we only have about three weeks left together as interns at Integrity this summer, so we cannot logically develop, test and launch the app; but we can do the rest... and we will!

I have to wonder, how many other interns can say that they designed their own geospatial scavenger hunt mobile app this summer?

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