Integrity Helps SBPA Rediscover Its Core Identity

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 2, 2008

For client SBPA Systems, Integrity helped a trusted provider of technology-based healthcare management solutions return to its core identity.

As corporate restructuring threatened to absorb SBPA's brand, the solutions provider sought to assert its identity through revitalized marketing and messages. After several independent attempts at developing collateral materials, SBPA engaged Integrity to distill and express the essence of their company. During this exploratory phase, Integrity discovered a client who was uncommonly attentive, communicative, and helpful. Their core identity - providers of extraordinary service - was apparent in their every action, yet unseen by the professionals who considered it "all in a day's work". Further exploration of client testimonials confirmed Integrity's findings.

While integrating established brand characteristics and mandatory corporate themes, Integrity upgraded collaterals with SBPA's rediscovered brand truth. An updated look & feel aligned the new materials with a technology-based service provider. New creative campaigns set apart SBPA from its conservative, buttoned-down peers. And powerful service-minded messaging asserted to employee and customer alike the benefits of mid-sized service providers in an oversized industry.

The partnered efforts of Integrity and SBPA ultimately reinvigorated the service expert's core identity while maintaining a sense of established brand and the equity within SBPA's niche market.

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