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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 13, 2013

From the heart of Clayton, RedCard is innovating the process by which healthcare providers, insurers and patients interact.

This year alone, the multimillion-dollar company expects to process about two billion transactions – that’s a quarter of all commercial healthcare communications in the United States.

To keep up with this demand, the company needed to be able to condense paper and digital communication into one efficient, money-saving platform – that’s why their team of developers invented DOCS, a flexible platform that manages all customer communication from one location by utilizing cloud technology.

With such a complex platform, we had to be sure to keep RedCard’s website clear and concise. Our goal was to create a minimalist, easy-to-navigate design that focused on bold type and imagery. We were psyched to incorporate RedCard’s gorgeous photography of employees and clients because we understand that people are the heart of the business.

In just two months, our growing team of developers, user interface designers and user experience designers revamped RedCard’s clunky, old website into a fully responsive, mobile-minded interface that they were proud to show off at a large healthcare convention.

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