Featured Case Studies: Health Care (Part 2)

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 18, 2015


It's incredibly critical for any health care organization to build and maintain trust with its consumers. You'd get the hell out of Dodge in a heartbeat if your doctor's office seemed unsanitary or if your pharmacy repeatedly screwed up your prescription.

While most health care entities do a good job of building trust offline, the same can't always be said for their digital presence. We all have at least one story of getting frustrated by a health care organization's antiquated or confusing user experience online. Regardless of your opinion of the Affordable Care Act, the hiccups and head-scratching of Healthcare.gov's initial rollout definitely did not help the cause of overhauling health care in the U.S.

Integrity advocates for the user and his or her goals. We believe user experiences should be consistent, intuitive and free of frills. If your web product isn't useful or helpful, it simply won't help you build trust with your consumers.

Building trust with users has been a goal of most of our health care clients. Today, we continue our series of health care project case studies:

Bellevue Pharmacy Responsive WordPress Website

Compounding pharmacies have become a major player in the medicine world, but the novelty of the practice combined with the occasional bad press have left many consumers with questions. Longtime client Bellevue Pharmacy needed its new website to convey trustworthiness to prospective customers. We got to work positioning the St. Louis-based business to be the largest compounding pharmacy in the country.

MagnaCare Health Brand & Messaging Update

New York's leading health care network desired to reposition its brand to speak equally to both blue- and white-collar workers and to carry that messaging across all of its channels. Integrity set out to define new brand and messaging standards, among other initiatives, and then ensure they were applied consistently across MagnaCare's internal applications.

Siteman Cancer Center Traffic Generation Strategy

Information is power, and no one knows that better than Siteman Cancer Center, one of the top cancer treatment providers in the country. We collaborated with the Siteman team on a traffic generation campaign to educate patients about and build trust in Siteman's capabilities.

We can help build your consumers' trust in your health care organization with a nice dosage of awesome user experience. Let's chat.

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