Integrity Delivers Interactive UI Guidelines for Healthcare Analytics Giant Vizient

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 4, 2016

Integrity recently flexed our usability analysis, custom web development and user experience consulting muscles with the build and launch of Vizient's interactive graphical user interface (GUI) guidelines.

Vizient, formerly VHA, provides industry-leading healthcare analytics software to thousands of member organizations. Their web-based analytics applications are designed to give medical professionals the resources they need in areas such as supply chain, quality, safety and patient care management.

Integrity initially partnered with VHA to craft the corporate GUI guidelines for all of VHA's analytics applications. When the company merged with University HealthSystem Consortium in 2015 to create Vizient, it was time for a new set of guidelines that would unite all of their existing tools and provide a clear brand foundation on which to base future applications.

Vizient engaged with Integrity searching for a partner who could recreate their brand guidelines – making them even more useful than the old ones had been. As usability experts, the Integrity team recognized Vizient's need to replace the static PDF their old guidelines had lived in with an interactive guideline that could grow and evolve with the company.

Our team of UX designers and developers built a fully responsive website outlining the standards for Vizient applications. Each section defines the styles for a different application element, from tables and graphs to buttons and forms. The guidelines also contain code snippets to make updating apps to fit the new standards as efficient as possible.

"This project gave the Integrity team a chance to show off our custom web development skills to help a great company become even better. Global GUI guidelines like the ones we crafted for Vizient are an invaluable tool for any company seeking to establish and maintain consistency across their brand, creating an overall better experience for their target users," said Integrity Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. "The user experience is the brand, and this doesn't get clearer than it is within the largest healthcare analytics organization in the country."

Learn more about how Vizient is changing the healthcare analytics game for their users on their website.

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