Integrity Case Studies of the Week: The Delmar Loop

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Oct 16, 2015

Integrity moved to The Delmar Loop more than four years ago, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

When we set up shop above the historic Tivoli Theatre, it was definitely the start of a new chapter of awesomeness for our web design agency. Our team was growing like crazy and we were taking on bigger and more challenging projects with some pretty high-profile clients.

Some of our favorite great streets in America.

Visit The Loop Responsive WordPress Website

We redesigned the official Loop website to be a fun, easy-to-use and helpful guide to our favorite street. If you're coming to The Loop, you definitely need to stop by this site to plan your visit.

Blueberry Hill Responsive WordPress Website

An iconic St. Louis venue deserves an equally iconic web presence, right? We reimagined this legendary restaurant and music club's site so that patrons could easily get tickets to their favorite concerts, make reservations, reserve party space and more.

Moonrise Hotel Responsive WordPress Website

How many other hotels in the galaxy have a gigantic moon on their roof and the most out-of-this-world memorabilia inside their walls? The correct answer is: none. Integrity redesigned the Moonrise Hotel website to drive online reservations and showcase just how freakin' stellar a night's stay at this place can be.

Peacock Loop Diner Responsive WordPress Website

Once upon a time, Joe Edwards decided to open a 24-hour diner right below college student lofts and just down the street from some hungry, hungry web geeks. He then asked those web geeks to build this nirvana of nom-nom-nom a new website. Once we wiped the drool off our keyboards, we got to work building a bright, colorful and delicious web presence.

Loop Data Rail Responsive Website

Shocking fact: we're big fans of the Internet. We're also big fans of fast Internet, which is why we quickly jumped at the chance to build the Loop Data Rail website. The Loop Data Rail project aims to put crazy fast fiber cable Internet in the Loop – setting the stage to make our street a communication center for businesses, students, entrepreneurs and creativity.

Like what you see? Then you'll really like what we can do for your business's online presence. Let's talk.

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