Integrity Becomes United Compounding Management’s Agency of Record

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 25, 2014

Integrity has been named agency of record for United Compounding Management (UCM), a St. Louis company bringing organization to the nation’s top compounding pharmacies to make quality compounding services accessible and affordable.

Compounding is the practice of mixing or altering pharmaceutical ingredients in order to produce a medication specialized to treat an individual patient’s symptoms. It’s an increasingly important part of pharmacy operations nationwide, giving physicians and patients a greater range of treatment options.

UCM recruited an all-star team of industry experts from around the country to aggressively meet the challenge of bringing change to compounding head on and get tangible results fast. This team comprises healthcare industry leaders dedicated to reforming the compounding institution.

Originally named United Compounding Network, company leadership quickly discovered it needed to broaden its scope of service offerings in order intensify its impact. A network of compounding pharmacies on its own wouldn’t make the sort of cost-intensive, reformative and lasting impact that UCM seeks to make.

UCM formed to provide a comprehensive solution for all the complex problems facing the compounding industry, from rapid cost escalation to insufficient quality assurance.

In addition to a dedicated in-house staff, UCM engaged Integrity as its agency partner to help drive its success.

“At UCM, we know that compounded medications are beneficial to patients, but that specific concerns facing the industry must be addressed if these medications are going to continue to be available,” UCM president David Ott said. “In order to address these concerns and bring change to compounding, we needed an agency partner with industry experience and a deep understanding of how to build a modern brand as dynamic as the industry itself. Over the years, Integrity has proven itself again and again to be just that. I’m confident that our partnership will help UCM bring the necessary reforms to the compounding practice.”

Working directly with UCM’s executive team, Integrity supported the development of a comprehensive strategy for UCM to address the many concerns facing the industry

Integrity considered every aspect of the company through the perspective of the user and infused positivity and a clear direction into the UCM brand, attributes lacking in the compounding medications industry today. The plan includes branding and marketing strategies executed across all channels and platforms for UCM’s primary audiences, Plan Sponsors and Compounding Pharmacies.

“Integrity is passionate about working with companies like UCM who are dedicated to bringing positive change to their industries,” Integrity Founder and CEO John Simanowitz said. “Integrity is proud of our partnership with the UCM team and we are grateful for the opportunity to support its important mission.”

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