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Partner & Chief Creative Officer

We're once again adding new members to the entire company's worth, in fact! We are thrilled to announce that Integrity Web Consulting has recently acquired Weintraub Advertising, the nation’s premier retail flooring and home goods marketing agency.

Through this strategic acquisition, Integrity is combining the best of two great companies: national experts in enterprise-level user experience design, custom development, and web marketing with the nation's leaders in retail flooring marketing. We'll be leveraging our 85 years of joint experience to create a completely new kind of company — one that weaves together the best of traditional and digital strategies to serve clients' demand for market-leading commerce experiences.

A Bit About Weintraub Advertising

Weintraub Advertising is the longest-serving independent agency in St. Louis. Since 1953, Weintraub has provided retail marketing strategy and creative solutions for the largest retail brands in the nation. After 66 years of success, Weintraub's leadership team began to think about the best way to navigate their clients through a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Through many discussions with Integrity partners John Simanowitz and Ed Morrissey, they decided that joining forces just made sense — for their clients, and for their team. 

With the acquisition complete, the Weintraub team is currently relocating from their Clayton office to the Integrity offices atop the historic Tivoli Theater building on the Delmar Loop. Naturally, they'll be bringing their decades of proven experience in advertising, branding, broadcast, direct marketing, media planning and buying, promotions, PR, catalog and trade association management with them. We can't wait to see the launch of all the new concepts and strategies that will surely result from the merging of two highly talented teams!  

“We are excited to join Integrity and offer our clients a more data-driven, technology-based marketing approach,” said Rob Weintraub, who will stay on through the acquisition to ensure account continuity. “There’s no doubt our clients will benefit greatly from the expanded service offering.”

Pioneering A New Path

Although the agencies differ in services, we share a passion for our work and a persistent dedication to delivering best-in-class strategies and solutions for our clients. Weintraub's expertise in retail marketing will complement Integrity’s digital strategy, creative and technological capabilities. The consolidation of skillsets will allow Integrity to support a fully integrated online/offline/in-store consumer experience that enhances the buying process and boosts sales by streamlining the product buying experience.

“This is a digital-first growth strategy," said John Simanowitz, founder and CEO of Integrity. “The synergies between our firms will elevate the services we offer to all our clients across industries and will allow us to continue our successful growth.”

In sum, it's a move that will open new avenues for clients and allow for the creation of more holistic, measurable omnichannel strategies. With our new team members settling in, we're looking forward to an exciting time ahead as we bring together two agencies that share similar cultures and values.

“We consistently evaluate acquisitions and investing in key partnerships as a means to provide greater value to our clients,” said Ed Morrissey, partner and Chief Creative Officer. “Having acquired other agencies such as Infuz and Appelzin, this deal is simply a continuation of our growth strategy.”

You know what they say: the more the merrier! With our awesome new team members and client roster, 2019 is already set to be one of the most exciting and successful years yet at this St. Louis web design agency.


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