Integrity and Jump Announce Coworking Partnership

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Partner & CEO
Jan 30, 2023

Two of St Louis’ leading marketing agencies have joined forces to become the largest omnichannel marketing team in the region.

Why exactly?

Marketing’s increasing technical complexity, the changing role of the office and the evolving challenge of maintaining a high performing creative team culture.

As companies embrace a permanently hybrid future, not only do office footprints become smaller, but the point of an office completely changes. It's no longer the place where work gets done, but where teams creatively collaborate and connect as needed.

But how do you create an energetic, creative space when most of your team prefers to be remote? A smaller office felt like the wrong direction and forcing team members back just isn't our style. We needed to find other creative professionals with a similar culture and invite them to join us… a team like Jump Company.

“Wait. What? Like, invite a competitor to work with you?”

Yes and no. Sure Jump does some similar things, but when you exist in an industry that's constantly changing (like ours), then the idea of competition doesn't really exist. Success requires wider bridges, not deeper moats. The companies who master creative collaboration have always done the best work and delivered the best outcomes because they have access to the best talent - and this is only more true today.

Afterall, every team is different and collaboration allows each to play to their strengths. Where we overlap, our team members can discuss their areas of expertise, best practices and industry trends with peers. Where we don't overlap, we can work together to provide more value to our respective client partners.

Integrity and Jump now represent the largest omnichannel marketing company in the region, which has caught the attention of several national and regional brands looking to solve their marketing challenges.

Through creative collaboration and thinking differently, our teams can support more clients in new ways and have more fun doing it… and isn't that the whole point?

So what's your plan for 2023? Still waiting for things to go back to the way they were? Maybe it's time to hone new skills, engage new partners and face the larger challenges at your doorstep.

Getting different requires a new approach. If you're not sure where to start or need a new partner to help get you there, let's grab a coffee and talk about it…we are expert collaborators, afterall.

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