Integrity: An American Tale

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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Jul 3, 2023

As we approach the Fourth of July and reflect upon the values that form the backbone of America, it is worth acknowledging that not every country on earth could provide the groundwork for a company like Integrity to thrive. 

There is an intricate connection between freedom, democracy, and the entrepreneurial spirit, which have profoundly shaped our nation's identity, and we recognize that our company is a part of that story. 

Entrepreneurship lies at the heart of the American Dream. It represents the endless possibilities and the belief that anyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, can create a better future through hard work, determination, and innovation. Our nation's commitment to personal liberty, free speech, and equal opportunity has empowered countless individuals to turn their visions into reality. 

As a small web development and design agency, we embody entrepreneurship. We have had the privilege of living out (over the last 20 years of business) the incredible opportunities and support available to companies here in the US. 

With a population of over 330 million people, America is a country with a lot of clients to support and customers to serve. This presents entrepreneurs with a wide range of possibilities to create products and services to make our country, and world, a better place.

The clients we have had the privilege of working with showcase that expansive landscape of opportunity– and include industries like healthcare, higher education, enterprise, B2B, and retail services. 

Support of Digital Innovation

As a digital consulting agency, Integrity would also not be possible without the development of the Internet – thank you, United States government — and its continued investment in technological research and support of independent companies that continues to drive developments in the tech industry — on which our livelihoods depend. 

We are also pretty darn grateful to live in a country where the government doesn’t take over citizens’ business. The American legal system safeguards our intellectual property rights and affords entrepreneurs the confidence and security to invest in their ideas. 

So on this upcoming Independence Day, as we celebrate freedom and democracy, we also honor the spirit of entrepreneurship. Integrity is proud to be a part of the American entrepreneurial landscape and provide innovative web development, design, consulting, and digital marketing services to empower businesses and clients across the country.

Happy Independence Day from us here at Integrity! 

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