Integrity Adds St. Louis Neighborhoods to the Regional Arts Commission Website

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jul 26, 2016

Integrity and the Regional Arts Commission launched the STL Arts app, RAC's arts and culture calendar app for iOS and Android, in May 2014. We've been supporting the app and RAC's marketing initiatives since the app launched. This year, RAC is highlighting arts and culture in St. Louis neighborhoods through their campaign to promote the STL Arts app, and Integrity is excited to be along for the ride.

St. Louis neighborhoods are the heart of the city. Each one has a personality and culture that sets it apart from the others and makes it unique. One thing many St. Louis neighborhoods share is an artistic side. Whether it's street art, public sculptures or a cluster of galleries, the arts are alive in St. Louis neighborhoods and RAC is there to support them.

"By promoting the arts in a specific neighborhood each month, RAC is shining the spotlight on arts events in an exciting way," says Ed Morrissey, Integrity CCO. "St. Louis is part of our DNA, so our team has a lot of fun working with RAC to support and promote the STL Arts App."

"I've loved working with the Regional Arts Commission on this project," says Libby King, Strategist and Project Lead at Integrity. "It's been a great opportunity for our team to combine cutting edge, cross-device technology with the social good of enhancing the arts in our fair city."

We're especially excited for August, when our very own neighborhood, The Loop, takes the stage. Check out the neighborhood spotlight page or download the STL Arts app to explore the arts in your neighborhood.

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