2020 Was Rough. Here’s How We Stayed in the Game.

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Dec 18, 2020

Let us be the one-millionth to say: 2020 was nothing like what we expected it to be.

Our clients — ranging from healthcare systems to retail stores and financial institutions — were all affected in different ways. We are privileged to have partnered with all of our clients to help them pivot during a pandemic and set up for future success.

Here are a few highlights from this year. 

We Built Amazing Tools and Technology

COVID-19 Screening Tool for the Largest Hospital System in St. Louis 

As soon as the pandemic reached our region, Integrity’s healthcare technology team worked tirelessly to help BJC prepare to meet its patients’ and employees’ needs.

Within one week, we were able to build a virtual care COVID-19 screening quiz for current and potential patients to take. We also launched an enterprise-level tool that BJC’s 33,000 employees were required to take, and pass, before they went to work. 

Both of these screening tools continue to evolve as more information about COVID becomes available which keeps the hospital system current in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Digital Transformation for B2B Reseller

We continued our partnership with SES (Security Equipment Suppliers) this year. As a company that’s no stranger to adaptation and staying ahead of the curve, SES has leveraged Integrity’s assistance in order to change their entire organization — from business workflows to eCommerce solutions and marketing initiatives. 

The mission continues as we assist in taking this multi-generational market leader from a traditional brick-and-mortar B2B wholesaler to a modernized omnichannel distributor.

IoT Innovation for Global Ag Corp

We partnered with one of the world’s largest multinational agricultural company’s digital innovation accelerator team to explore the feasibility and new product definition of a never-before-created IoT product. This technology is capable of transmitting sensor based data from remote processing facilities for value chain partners to measure the yield and quality of crop outputs.  

Website Redesign for a Leading CPA Firm

Last year we started our partnership with Anders, a St. Louis-based advisory firm, as they were looking to redesign their website. The firm needed a site that better aligned with their newly reorganized service lines and felt more modern and cutting-edge.

Our UX/UI design, web development and content strategy teams worked collaboratively with the client to launch a highly customized, user-centered site that reflected the company’s unique brand as well as incorporated SEO-driven content and best practices. 

Application Modernization for a Finance Company

FTL offers financing options for contractors to extend to their homeowner customers who need financial assistance to complete home repairs and improvement projects. 

As part of a multi-year partnership with FTL Finance, Integrity started a collaborative process to replace and enhance a future state version of their AppTracker platform. We helped modernize the central loan processing platform with a custom web app that collects and processes loan information, enabling partners and customers to interact online vs. paper-based processes.

We Elevated Clients’ Marketing Programs

Paid Ads for a St. Louis Furniture Company

We helped the region’s top furniture store, Carol House, launch a new Google Ads campaign. In a year when everyone was stuck at home — and looking to see what they could change in their houses — there was a greater opportunity than ever to enhance the store’s digital brand presence and get customers into the door (both physically and virtually). 

Their ad campaign CTR rate has been over 20% (the average for the home goods industry is 3.27%) and their bounce rate from paid search is 26.3%, which is the lowest bounce rate across all of their channels.

Alumni Marketing for a Regional University

The theme of this year has definitely been “pivot.” We partnered with Maryville University at the start of 2020 to re-engage their alumni audience via email marketing. We identified priority segments and personas, developed a custom cadence, designed templates and wrote relevant content. Ultimately we increased alumni email engagement by 33%. The work will continue into the new year.

In addition, Maryville University partnered with Integrity to market their first-ever virtual homecoming. We developed Facebook ads, organic social posts, and an email marketing campaign to promote the event and increase registration. We drove nearly 1,000 registrations and attracted many who would not have been able to attend an in-person event in previous years. 

Revitalized Omnichannel Solution for a Charter Plane Company

As the pandemic affected every company in unique ways, more and more of our clients wanted to know how they could be found more easily online. For our luxury private plane company client, we implemented a Google Ads campaign and enhanced SEO program to work in tandem to increase their searchability, traffic and leads. 

Year-over-year site traffic increased 400%. The bounce rate fell from 53% to 6% (which is very low for any industry) and total pageviews increased 61%. Not only has the visibility gone up significantly, but people are staying on the site longer and viewing more content.

We Provided Clients with Actionable Data and Insights

Data, data, everywhere, but can you use it? Does anyone care? Endless metrics, 50-page reports, and interactive, multi-colored pie charts are great, but if the data isn’t telling you to do something, then it isn’t doing its job. 

At Integrity, we’ve always provided analytics and reporting across our projects. Success is a moving target, so it’s part of our process — whether post-website launch or during an ongoing marketing strategy — to track and scrutinize data so we can continue to improve incrementally even after a project has been launched. 

In 2020 we’ve made a concerted effort to help our clients use data in the same way, efficiently and with a critical eye. Priority is placed on actionable data and it’s not just for Integrity’s contracted projects. This year we’ve set up more than 30 reporting dashboards and templates that our clients can take back to the whole of their organization to make budget allocation and marketing changes when the data points to a potential for improvement.

We Developed Our In-House Film Production Division

It’s no secret that we’ve got a lot of expertise under one roof (well, one roof pre-pandemic). From web development to marketing and media buying, our teams are diverse and experienced. 

During the pandemic, many of our clients found themselves in need of video content and either couldn’t use traditional production studios or wanted to streamline their budget with shorter clips.

Integrity invested in high-end video equipment, and our talented creative team took their video experience to the next level by testing out a variety of new software and design trends to produce more than 25 high-quality TV ads and short marketing videos. We’re eager to keep rolling in 2021!

And Ultimately, We Helped Our Clients Adapt

Beyond the above examples, this year has been all about adaptation. We looked at how eCommerce has shifted during COVID-19. We shared how martech will be forever changed by the events of this year. We’ve talked about how to plan your media buying for 2021 while so much is unknown. And we showed how we helped three clients adapt in the face of uncertainty.

But if you’ve worked with Integrity before, you know that we’ve talked about adaptation long before COVID-19 hit. “Change is the new constant” and it will continue to be, even once the pandemic is over as marketing technology evolves at an increasing rate.

Your strategies, marketing and web technology all have to keep up to deliver the best user experience and maintain competitive edge. It’s never too late to start adapting!


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