Integrating a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jul 5, 2012

As a leading St. Louis web design agency, clients frequently come to us for the essentials: creating compelling content, designing an appropriate user experience and developing an efficient web entity. However, one of the most critical aspects of crafting an effective web presence is the integration of a well-structured social media strategy - and this aspect is often overlooked.

Creating a social media strategy simultaneously with the undertaking of a company website project maximizes synergies by leveraging the work being done for one, and using it to inform the other. Creating a brand personality and establishing why users would want to interact with your brand all apply to both website projects and social media strategy. A social media strategy is essentially about establishing your overall brand goals and seeing how social media can advance them. Goals like increasing brand awareness; providing instant and personal customer service; promoting deals, products and specials; and creating a solid online reputation are all instances where social media proves to be an essential tool.

There are several steps to take before hitting “Create” on that Twitter account, though. Below we’ve compiled the key issues that should be considered prior to launching your brand in to social media.







Social media is not something to be afraid of. Brands ranging from drug stores to airlines are actively interacting with their users each day and making themselves more relatable and memorable. Ultimately, you are your brand’s expert, and can determine how social media can work for you.

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