In the World of AI, the Most Human Brands Will Win

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Strategy and Marketing Lead
May 17, 2023

We are at the precipice of an explosion of AI content and applications – where AI chatbots will write thousands of blogs daily. With an exponential increase in noise littering the digital landscape, what will stand out and who will stand out will be determined by who communicates with a human voice and a human touch.

In a future where a digital overlay will mediate most experiences, the interactions we have that feel distinctly human will be the ones we appreciate the most. Those will be the experiences that make us want to come back for more. 

As a business, you want to engender feelings like loyalty, trust, and belonging, but these are not feelings that can be readily achieved through AI; if anything, AI will hinder our ability to create those feelings. So if you choose to apply AI, you will need to do it in a way that is so seamless it becomes invisible— it will need to be so well integrated it hums in the background

When AI is integrated poorly, the inhuman is not a feature but a bug. Think about the maddening experience of automated answering machines and phone trees where the automated system can’t understand what you are trying to say, and you end up down a circular rabbit hole before ultimately giving up in frustration. 

When we talk about applying AI, we mean features like automation, predictive analytics, and data processing that can supercharge your business by saving time and money. However, applied AI is not new – Amazon, Google, and Uber have been using it for years, and what we already know from those early use cases is that customers can become more skeptical of brands that rely too heavily on automation and AI if it is done poorly. 

So how do you balance improving your business model with AI while retaining the elements of your brand that make customers want to be a part of what you are doing?

The Human Touch

The keys are to ensure that your business is putting the human user front and center and that your brand communicates in a human and authentic way. 

Examples of Brands that Prioritize Humanity

Airbnb: The dominant and growing vacation rental platform has built its brand around “belonging.” Airbnb’s messaging and imagery focus on connecting travelers and local communities.

Patagonia: The iconic clothing brand built its reputation on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Patagonia’s brand emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment – and customers spend money with Patagonia not just because they make kick-ass clothes (which they do) but also because they know that Patagonia is a company that cares about customers and the planet. Not only will they sell you new clothes, but they will fix your old clothes or sell you used gear. 

Dove: The personal care brand, for years, has broken through the clutter by leaning into the most humane approach possible. Emphasizing real bodies, real women, real fears, and real pleasures. Dove sees their customers for who they are–flaws and all. Rather than polishing those flaws, Dove embraces them. Their most recent campaign is dedicated to pushing back against the kind of false beauty propagated on social media platforms that make young girls mentally and physically unwell. 

Integrity: Applied AI for User Experience

For two decades, Integrity has consulted with businesses on user experience in digital spaces. We want to make the world of technology more accessible to humans. We constantly consider how and if we should integrate the latest technological developments into our clients' businesses. We want to save our clients’ time and money while increasing profits.

Today, we find ourselves at the cusp of rates of technological change that will be breathtaking. Hundreds of new tools will be launched every day, and it is the organizations that can operate nimbly and stay abreast of these trends that will come out ahead. 

If you need consulting on how to apply ai to your business, call us today.

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