The Importance of Online Customer Service

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 30, 2016

Customer service. Most people groan when they here these two words. However, customer service does not have to be something that people dread. With the web, we are able to approach customer service in a new revolutionary way. At Integrity, we created an online form for Marcal Paper products that allows them to interact and properly provide support for their valued customers. Creating online forms is now the best way to approach your customer service needs for three important reasons.

It's easy.

When a Marcal customer needs to send the company a message, whether that be a compliment, concern or career inquiry, the steps are simple. All they have to do is go to the 'Contact Us' page where they fill out a simple form with some basic information. Next, their message comes straight to Marcal's WordPress dashboard where they can easily access the message. There are no complicated steps involved. Online forms provide an easy process for both the customer and the company.

It's effective.

WordPress provides many functions that makes organizing the messages a breeze. You can order them by name, subject line and entry date. This way you can see this information upfront and organize it based on your preferences. Next, you can select the entries you want and export them to a CSV. This lets you put all the information into an organized, easy-to-read spreadsheet. So, organizing all the customers' messages is effective and no time is wasted.

It's the future.

As we become more and more reliant on the web for our needs, companies are learning to adapt. Efficient online customer service forms are easier for both the company and the customer. Once the company learns the ins and outs of online customer service, they can respond to the customer almost instantly, which keeps both parties happy.

Creating an online form will help you maintain a responsible brand image and will keep your customers satisfied. As long as business is around, so will the need for customer service. It is important to create an easy online form that enables your customers to communicate with you, so you can keep on doing what people love.

Want our team of wiz web developers to build you a kick-ass online form? Let's chat.

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