If a Project Seems Complex, Get to Know the Details

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Mar 6, 2015

My father spent his career as a turbine mechanic for TWA, rebuilding some of the largest and most advanced machines on the planet. He would often say, “rebuilding a jet engine isn't that complicated. It's only one bolt. Then another. Then another.” As a child I was amazed. It seemed inconceivable that anyone could make sense of that brick of fans, tubes and wires. He would laugh and tell me “It only looks complicated because you're standing way over there.”

When people tell me their web application development project is overwhelming, too difficult or complex, it's always because they are not looking closely enough. They haven't yet identified and understood the smallest details that ultimately define the effort and roadmap success.

Confidence and control comes with knowledge of the smallest details. Memorize the supporting documents, contracts, user flows, persona definitions and underlying business case. Know who is on the project, what they are doing, when it will be done and what “done” even means.

Just because you may not be a developer doesn't mean it's OK to glaze over how and why it works the way it does. Just because you're not the manager doesn't mean you shouldn't know how this project might fail and what specific plans are in place to address each of those scenarios.

If you are on a project that seems risky, overwhelming or complicated - get to work and dig deeper into the project details. Once you fully understand all the components, dependencies and risks, you can proactively address them in logical sequence and create remarkable outcomes that others could not imagine.

The Integrity team can simplify even the most complex web application development projects. Contact us to discuss your next web project.


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