How to Optimize your SEO Game: Think of Google as a Jealous Lover

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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Mar 1, 2023

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google has become the jealous lover every business needs to please. With its constantly evolving algorithms and an ever-increasing focus on ranking, SEO has become a mainstay of successful online marketing strategies. In this post, we will use our web development expertise to explain the ways businesses can appease their "Google Lover" and establish a sustainable SEO strategy with the goal of increasing organic search visibility.

If you are like many of our clients, your company’s relationship with Google, the search engine giant, can end up feeling like Google is playing games. Google releases algorithm changes designed to punish websites that don't follow its rules and promote those who do, often with no warning or clear communication regarding the changes—leaving many website owners feeling forgotten and powerless against the monolithic search engine.

These changes can be concerning for business owners who rely on organic traffic from Google searches to drive success. Failing to keep up with them could mean your website gets demoted in SERP (search engine results pages) rankings if certain criteria aren't met. That being said, staying on top of these changes also presents an opportunity for businesses looking for an edge over competitors who may not be prepared for just how jealous Google can be.

These tools come in various forms such as keyword research tools, which can help you identify which keywords people are searching for that relate to your business, or site optimization checkers, which can provide feedback on what needs improvement on the page structure or HTML code itself so that it can be better crawled by search bots. Other helpful SEO tools include backlink analysis software, local search engine optimization software, competitive analytics software, and other types of programs like webmaster analytics platforms. If this paragraph just freaked you out, don’t fear! Integrity can help you solve your SEO problems. 

Understanding how to get your site noticed by the world's most powerful search engine can be daunting, but getting a grasp on Google's algorithms doesn't have to feel like a losing battle—with the right strategy, your company can soon find itself on that coveted first page of search results. Integrity can help you get there. 

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