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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 4, 2022

As the leading web development and digital marketing agency in St. Louis, we have always focused on recruiting, retaining and engaging the most talented employees in one of the most dynamic industries ever. Perhaps the most critical decision we make on a daily basis is which developers, designers, marketers and managers we invite onto our team (as well as who keep on our team, but that’s another post altogether), so we’ve continually refined our approach as we’ve learned what type of personality excels in our quirky little holacracy-based world and what common traits they share.

No doubt finding talented, engaged employees - especially those who also fit into a company’s culture - is a challenge every company is facing today. Too often, hiring managers compromise on their criteria due to situational urgency but as everyone knows a bad apple can spoil the lot, so we’ve worked hard to institutionalize our approach.

We hire people based upon the H's:

  • Humble - no egos allowed. ever.
  • Hungry - will want to change the world and is willing to work hard to do so
  • Honest - always do what you say you're gonna do and raise the red flag when a challenge arises
  • Happy - a zest for life and desire to delight our clients. happiness is contagious

A key aspect of the H’s is they are pretty hard to fake. A person with a toxic ego shows it within the first 15 minutes of interaction; someone who is hungry demonstrates it in their responsiveness, interactions and follow ups during the interview process; people who struggle with being honest will lie about things they don’t even need to; and a person’s individual vibe proves karma is real - both negative and positive.

Soft skills are 10x as important as hard skills in our industry, so Integrity builds its team around the foundation of solid, disciplined humans who love life so much they are fully engaged. Once you have a team who shares these traits, it allows a company to eliminate policies and fully empower individuals - which is critical to retaining the top performers once they’ve joined. Check out our employee handbook if you want to peek further into our culture - http://bethething.com/IntegrityWay.pdf 

We’ve found humble, hungry, honest and happy people can change the world and we are proving it every day by the results we are producing for our many amazing clients.

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